Dry Dock 28 black and white rocky shoreline with boat

The Mains

The Mains

Serves 12-15

Pulled Pork (5 lbs)80

Beer Braised and served with House BBQ and Rolls for Sliders

Smoked Kielbasi and Kraut (5 lbs) 80

Grilled with Sauerkraut and Served with Mustard and Rolls

Grilled Wings25 pcs 50
50 pcs 75
100 pcs 115

Choose: Mild, Medium, Hot, Man Overboard Hot, Honey Old Bay, Sriracha, BBQ, Garlic Parm with Ranch and Bleu Cheese

Pierogi25 pcs 30
50 pcs 50
100 pcs 75

Choose: Green Peppers, Onion, Kielbasi, Pork, Cheddar